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Simplifying Client Onboarding for Asset Managers and Investment Firms

Asset Managers are facing constant challenges to balance significant regulatory change at the same time as trying to minimise customer friction. In our latest blog, we review the power of incorporating Legal Entity Identifiers into Anti-Money Laundering workflows and how to turn onboarding inefficiencies into a competitive advantage. Read more: 


UBO Service joins ACCA Technology Supplier Platform, Providing Automation Software and Workflow Applications for Accountants

We are delighted to announce that UBO Service will now feature on the ACCA technology supplier directory. Our solutions help accountants fulfill their customer due diligence and anti-money laundering obligations through beneficial owner declarations, identity verification checks, PEPs and sanctions reports, and more.  Read more


The 6AMLD and Beyond: Compliance and Preparation for Future AMLD Changes

The EU Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) and the Sixth Anti Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) are massive steps forward in implementing stricter controls and tackling evolving criminal methods. Our latest blog discusses why firms should adopt a comprehensive approach to EU AML Directives to maintain compliance in a frequently changing regulatory landscape. Read more


Don't Paper over The Digital Cracks

Technology is driving growth, profits, and customers. Financial advisory firms must know that they can no longer point to regulatory and compliance policy documents to literally paper over digital cracks in their operations. Start with the basics and see how you could future proof with technology upgrades.  Read more

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Regulators Driving Collaborations and Financial Innovation

The pace and scale of regulatory changes pose many challenges for obliged entities. Our latest blog explores how regulators are seeing regtech as a key tool for improving financial institutions' ability to address AML risks while making the delivery of regulatory requirements more efficient and effective! Read more


Leveraging Regtech Collaboration for Success

Harnessing the power of Regtech: Financial institutions are developing a collaborative attitude to balance their priorities, from digital transformation and innovation to adding more value to customers and meeting regulatory requirements. In our latest blog read how obliged entities rely now on innovation and collaboration to drive not only new business models but also AML compliance and reporting.  Read more

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UBO Service extends partnership with Rapid LEI to become GLEIF Validation Agent

UBO Service is delighted to announce its extended partnership with Rapid LEI and Ubisecure to become an approved Validation Agent by Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF). UBO Service is the first Fintech provider to become an approved Validation Agent by GLEIF, under the LEI Everywhere program. UBO Service will be equipping the financial services industry and other obliged entities with the tools to make them more efficient than ever before, whilst future-proofing their compliance needs. Read more


Overcoming AML Challenges for Payment Service Providers

Customers expect transactions to be completed instantaneously and regulatory compliance should not stand in the way. In our latest blog, we discuss the ongoing regulatory requirements for Payment Service Providers (PSP's) and how they can deliver the best experience possible to their customers by reducing unnecessary delays during onboarding and processing payments quickly and easily. Read more

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AML Obligations in the Legal Sector: Tech it Seriously

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live, work, and interact with each other. Law firms are looking to adopt digital solutions to deal with AML regulations. In our latest blog, we discuss why investing in technology will pay dividends for law firms over the long term, reducing the cost and risk involved in due diligence activities, while demonstrating efficiency to their clients and compliance to regulators. Read more


Are you ready for the 6th Anti Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD)?

The European Union’s Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) must be implemented by 3 June 2021. In our latest blog, we discuss increasing accountability for companies and 'legal persons', and why obliged entities must take the steps necessary to improve transparency and identify their clients to prevent and detect money laundering crimes throughout the customer lifecycle. Read the full blog now!


A Golden Era for Dirty Money

Expert Series: A Golden Era for Dirty Money

Keep your KYC basic, not complex: The question for any board director in a financial services operation today is how does your current AML / KYC process look? Knowing who controls your customer remains a fundamental risk consideration. Not just for the company, but potentially a director too. In our first blog from industry expert Gary McCarthy, we discuss why new markets and products are critical for survival. Read more

Regulators Or Barbarians At The Gate

Get the Basics Right: A company’s processes to identify its customers must be robust. We have seen recently from EML Payments that the pace of technology change is a major risk consideration in any corporate acquisition. In our latest blog by industry expert Gary McCarthy, we discuss why the ticking of regulatory compliance boxes rather than the deployment of better technology to understand customers can be detrimental.
Regulators Or Barbarians At The Gate
Time to get serious about SEAR responsibilities

Time to get serious about SEAR responsibilities

The Senior Executive Accountability Regime follows a trend across the globe in recent years. There is an increased focus by regulators on individual accountability, particularly senior individuals, working in regulated financial services firms. In our latest blog series by industry expert Gary McCarthy, we discuss why regulated firms and senior executives in Ireland should be stepping up their preparations for SEAR. Now is the time to take stock of their current position to address gaps, enhance governance structures and transform existing AML operations.
Read more

UBO Service and RapidLEI partnership announcement for enhanced KYC compliance solution

UBO Service announces partnership with Ubisecure and RapidLEI, the world’s number one issuer of Legal Entity Identifiers. Connecting financial markets, companies, and regulators. Combining LEIs with our UBO declarations will enhance regulated entities' Know Your Customer and Enhanced Customer Due Diligence obligations by digitally tying an entity to a legal declaration. Read more

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UBO Service shortlisted in the RegTech Insight Awards 2021

UBO Service has been shortlisted in 2 categories by the RegTech Insight Awards Europe 2021. The awards highlight RegTech solutions that have successfully improved firms ability to effectively respond to the evolving and increasing complex regulatory requirements across the global financial services industry. Read more


UBO Service guest appearance on - Ubisecure Let’s Talk About Digital Identity Podcast

Our Managing Director Ben Cronin was delighted to be a guest on this month's Let's Talk About Digital Identity podcast. Ben joins Oscar from Ubisecure to talk about the challenges around verifying accurate Ultimate Beneficial Owner information. He also discusses how UBO Service is leveraging Legal Entity Identifiers for Know Your Customer and Enhanced Customer Dur Diligence and the Global LEI  foundation’s validation agent framework. List to the full podcast Now!


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