IDV Service

Our industry-leading IDV Service reduces time and effort when performing KYC checks on individual customers. We proved detailed AML reports, which can be automatically screened against PEPs and Sanctions list ensuring you always know who you are doing business with and meet your regulatory requirements.

Equivalent to face-to-face identification

Individual Identity Verfication 

Our Identity Verification Service helps you, onboard customers, safely and securely by using a combination of digital and physical technology. We offer a robust and effective means for reducing fraud and improving your customer’s digital journey.

Our platform can complete a full individual AML check by entering just an individual's name and email address.

We use artificial intelligence, computer visions, and biometric technology to determine the authenticity of your customer and if it belongs to the user. We can help you create a seamless customer experience by easily integrating IDV Service into your customer onboarding process via our white label portal or our Restful API.

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PEPs and Sanctions Screening 

Our IDV Service improves the accuracy and efficiency of your Sanctions Screening effort and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) search using intelligent data sources and technology. We help you comply with internal, domestic, and international watch list enforcement regulations and identify high-risk and sanctioned individuals and entities.

Screen users against global PEP and sanctions watchlists. Our global IDV Service list coverage is constantly updated, ensuring you have confidence in your KYC process.

Quickly identify and verify new and existing customers, reduce fraud exposer, and demonstrate due diligence to comply with your KYC, AML, and GDPR obligations

Regulatory compliance and KYC in a single integration

Developers love IDV Service. With a single integration, they can deploy our restful API to streamline your onboarding process.

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How IDV Service works?

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Multiple Region
ID Verify

Global Coverage

Instantly Verify Government Issued ID

 Digital Onboarding Integrated via our API

Instant Verification

PEP and Sanction Screening 

Real-time Verification  

Liveness Check via Biometric Technology 

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Get instant access to AML Reports



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